1 Bitcoin or £7500

Bitcoin is a digital currency, not controlled by the suity guys in the government or banks. Okay you probably know what Bitcoin is, so I’ll skip to the juicy bit. Financial experts say that by 2021 a single Bitcoin could be worth £100k!!! Now, we don't exactly know what makes someone a ‘Bitcoin expert’ BUT we believe them and over the coming months we’ll be Roffling off Bitcoins to the predicted value of over a MILLION pounds!!
Chomping at the bit(coin) to get a piece of the pie? Bag yourself a ticket, buddy!
We will transfer your prize from our wallet to your wallet, we just need your wallet receiving address. Don’t worry if you’re a newbie, we can walk you through it and process the transfer over a video call.

Alternatively, if Bitcoin does work for you we're certain pounds will! £7500 pounds cash or Transferred into your bank account! You pick!

Interviewer: How did you become a Bitcoin millionaire

You: ...bit by bit...

Price: 7 RB



7 RB

Ticket Price


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