How it all works...


Find a Roffle you want to win. You can enter multiple Roffles at once.


Answer a fun trivia question and buy tickets. More tickets equals more chances to win!


When you win, your item gets delivered straight to your doorstep. PARTY TIME!

It really is that simple.

Buy It Now

Your happiness means the world to us. So, we’ve created buy-it-now tickets. With special buy-it-now tickets, even if your name isn’t drawn, you can buy the item with a discount of what you spent entering that Roffle*

Simply look out for Roffles with our green ‘Buy-It-Now’ tag.
Buy-it-now ticket holders can purchase the item once that Roffle is over.

For example...

There are 50 x buy-it-now tickets available for a Roffle. Sally buys 2 of them at £10 each.
Sally doesn’t win that draw but she still bags the item for the retail price MINUS £20.

In some Roffles, all tickets are buy-it-now, in others it’s capped. You’ll see the quantity available when you select a Roffle. Buy-it-now tickets are the same price as ordinary tickets.

*Applicable Roffles only

For fun, we have two types of Roffles...


500 Tickets
  • Has set maximum of tickets sold
  • Winner picked at random once all tickets sold
  • Max capacity varies per Roffle


2h 40m Left
  • Has no maximum or minimum of tickets sold
  • Winner picked at random once timer ends
  • Starting timer varies per Roffle

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