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What do you dream of? Our dream was to create an online playground full of magical prizes and good times. We're just two random, semi-intelligent guys who met on a geeky coding course in Barcelona and turned our vision into a reality. And because we did, you can now too. So if you're dreaming of cruising round in a fire new set of wheels, sipping slippery nipples in the Maldives or rocking the latest sci-fi-sexy tech, YOU ARE IN THE RIGHT PLACE. Come on in...

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There are higher chances of you dying from being left handed than winning a major competition

*Source unknown. But you take our point. At Roffles, we run dozens of online competitions each week that give you as high as a 1 in 50 chance to win BIG. The major competitions are 1 in 600,000,000 (yes, that's over half a billion), so the likeliness of you winning is infinitesimally small.

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Beat the system

Our ambition was to create a world where everybody wins. So, here at Roffles, even when you don’t win, you can’t lose! Instead with our Buy-it-Now feature you can buy the item from us with a discount of what you spent entering that Roffle.


Sorry, we can’t tell you the secret to our devilish handsomeness but we do promise to be open and honest. No hidden fees, no dodgy small print. Any questions, just check our FAQ page!


We can’t promise RyanAir won’t sting you 15 times in one booking but we can make sure all your information is protected, all prizes are brand new and all Roffles are fair and equitable


We're crazy about this fun stuff. It's a hoot to play and when you win, you'll soon see how we really get the party started. We make a fuss of all our winners