So, what's in it for me?

Well, most lottos give you a measly 1-in-a-billion chance, with only one winner a week or month. At Roffles the odds of you bagging a banging prize are as high as 1-in-50!

  • Stop wasting your time on competitions with a 0.NOTHING chance of winning
  • Start CLAIMING your dream holiday, car, TV, experience with us

Loadz of winners weekly

Imagine more winners per week than the Beatles had #1 hits! With over 20 Roffles weekly, you have more chances than ever to take home a prize!

High Odds of Winning

Statistics show women prefer BIGGER! Not to disappoint but we’re shrinking the size of modern-day competitions to give you higher chances of winning. Sorry ladies!

Priceless Prizes

It's not just flashy cars and top tech up for grabs, we're Roffling off unforgettable holidays and experiences too. Win life-changing prizes that go way beyond a price tag.

Hottest Live Roffles

LG 65 inch TV
12d Left
UberEATS Gift Card
100 Tickets

How it all works...


Find a Roffle you want to win. You can enter multiple Roffles at once.


Answer a fun trivia question and buy tickets. More tickets equals more chances to win!


When you win, your item gets delivered straight to your doorstep. PARTY TIME!

It really is that simple.

PLUS... no risk!

Even if your ticket isn’t drawn, you can still use our buy-it-now feature to snap up the item with a discount of what you spent entering the Roffle.

There are no losers here, baby!

For fun, we have two types of Roffles...


500 Tickets
  • Has set maximum of tickets sold
  • Winner picked at random once all tickets sold
  • Max capacity varies per Roffle


2h 40m Left
  • Has no maximum or minimum of tickets sold
  • Winner picked at random once timer ends
  • Starting timer varies per Roffle

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